2016 Bogus Basin Hillclimb

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2016 Bogus Basin Hillclimb

Postby 99Super » Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:36 pm

It was a rough year on the hill this year.
The weather was cold, again. Not snowy like last year, but very chilly.
On Saturday, the first two run groups had 4 runs before lunch, then we were up.
We got one run in when an MR2 went off and went head-on into a large pine.
It was bad enough to close the hill for the rest of the day, the driver broke both legs, had to be helicoptered out, but is expected to survive. It was really bad. Still not sure what happened, but at first glance, it appears to have been a mechanical failure of some sort. Possibly brake failure at the end of a long straight. The car was a new build and this was it's first run.

Two other cars went off at the same spot, but with minimal damage.

Another car, a vintage MG, got piled up when the driver forgot where he was on the course. No injuries to the driver. It's the car in the photo next to mine. The Scirocco behind me also spun and hit a guard rail, damaging the wheels on the driver's side.

I spun in the first corner on my first run. I had my tire pressures too high and again, temps were very cold.

In the end, I was 2 seconds off my best time, earning me a 3rd in class out of 5. Could have been worse.

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