Inca rims, steering rack, etc

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Inca rims, steering rack, etc

Postby ahanson » Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:33 pm

I've got a handful of parts to sell. Need to thin the shelves a bit and raise a spot of cash.
-- Inca rims. They're nice and straight, but need refinishing, so they're cheap, $60. I have a set of center caps, too, and would throw those in for another $30.
-- C900 steering rack, a Maval reman, that's been in the box for a while. I bought it out of a parts stash in Connecticut, thinking I'd need it. But none of my cars really needs a new rack. $100.
-- Solid front rotors for 79-80 C900, which probably means they fit a 99, too. They're Brembos, also in the box. Last I saw them, they had a skim of rust, but nothing a light sanding wouldn't remove. $25 for the pair
-- Odds and ends: I've got a C900 glove box door with the old school turbo logo on it, from a 1980 turbo. Good for an extra 20 horsepower, at least. $15. Also a gas cap from a 1980 900, which had a different fitting on the filler neck. $5.
I probably have a mess of other stuff I could stand to part with and if I can think of it, I'll add it to this thread. I'll try to get some pics too. I'd prefer local pick up, but I'm willing to ship at buyer's expense.

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