FS Lincoln Cool-Arc 40 TIG/MIG torch cooler

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FS Lincoln Cool-Arc 40 TIG/MIG torch cooler

Postby squaab99t » Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:07 pm

Considering this is an industrial machine, I would call it lightly used, adding up all my projects.
2 gal coolant capacity(tap or distilled water).
Standard inlet/ outlet fittings: female CGA-style (5/8-18 left-hand thread)
Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
115v power
I added the variable fan speed controller. This allows the fan to run at lower speed when welding amps and/or duty is low. This drops the noise level considerably. You can also run it at full speed when high cooling demand is required. The pump runs constantly at the factory set speed.
I just flushed the coolant, serviced the pump (cleaned the filter screen) and purged system with compressed air.
Cool Arc-40 (3).jpg

More pixs
750USD plus shipping.
PM or email squaab99t at h__mai_dot. You know the rest.

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