WTB: B202 N/A piston(s)

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WTB: B202 N/A piston(s)

Postby Tsmall » Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:28 pm

I am in need of at least one piston for a B202. Standard bore, nothing crazy. I am doing a boring rebuild of a motor I had lying around for a potential new road car. While in the process of using one of those trick piston ring groove cleaning tools from summit, I have essentially ruined one of my pistons. To make a sad somewhat long story short, there was an imperfection in one of the surfaces of the tool, which dug a pretty large groove in the portion of piston below the oil ring groove. So needless to say, I am extremely pissed, and with a piston I don't feel comfortable putting in the motor...

So, If anyone has a stock 2.0 N/A piston kicking around, or some variation, please let me know. I am also open to any suggestions of other alternatives (if there are any)

As always, thanks so much.


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