2.5" SS c900 Downpipe and Midpipe $100

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2.5" SS c900 Downpipe and Midpipe $100

Postby hutch » Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:16 pm

Sorry to be spamming the for sale section with c900 exhausts but its a regular sell-off :lol: :crazy:

Anyway, I had this up for sale earlier (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4037) and ended up putting it on my SPG for a while but went another direction because it never sat properly in the gearbox mount. It wasn't terrible but it was offset 1/2" or so above the gearbox mount and I was worried about it long term. I think if you know what you were doing you could probably fix it pretty easily but wanted to alert any potential buyer.

Pictures from previous thread:

On the car:

Because it would need some work to fit perfectly I am dropping the price on this to $100 plus shipping, which I would assume would be in the ~$30 range but I can of course get a quote or would be happy to meet in person in PA. I'm gonna be leaving town Sunday until July 15th but I can get it sent out before I leave if there is any interest, just let me know!

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