2001 9-3 Viggen $3000

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2001 9-3 Viggen $3000

Postby hutch » Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:39 pm

Hey I know there isn't a lot of love for the later Saabs on here but figured I'd offer this up here first before I try other routes... Long story short after daily driving this for the past 50k miles I decided to get a low(er) mileage 9-5 to commute with and wanted to offer it up here before a fix a few things up and sell it for a bit more.

My father purchased this car from a Dr. in RI in 2003 with 3k miles on it, and drove it until I bought it from him with around 130k miles on it and drove it until it currently has 182k. It is in pretty good shape all things considered, but its been a daily driver for 15 years so its not perfect. Its had its oil religiously changed every 3k miles on it and had the sump cleaned for good measure when the clutch was done. The drivers seat bolsters are starting to show some wear but is in much better shape than many Viggens and the rest is extremely clean.

The Good
The following items have been replaced under my ownership:
- Headgasket (also did the oil pump seal at the same time, but not timing chain)
- Brake disks and pads
- Clutch
- Fuel Pump
- Throttle Body reman'ed by BBA
- Oil Pressure sensor
- Late model TD04 with 'king cobra' inlet pipe
- Various sensors; CPS, DIC, MAF

I've also added/upgraded the following parts:
- Genuinesaab 3" downpipe into stock exhaust with resonator removed
- ETS Intercoooler
- Koni springs/shocks
- Steering rack brace
- Larger rear anti roll bar

The Bad
The biggest issue this car has is the exterior;
- There is a chunk missing from the front bumper (like many Viggens), I still have it if you wanted to repair it
- Small ding on drivers side front door
- Paint on hood is in not great shape
- Needs alignment after hitting a pothole, will probably be done once camber shims arrive this week

Here is a picture I took of a while ago, it will not come with the double 3-spokes pictured but instead with 9-5 Aero 5 spokes

As I said its probably not a huge market for 9-3 on here but if you've been thinking of a cheap Viggen let me know and I will gladly take more pictures of the interior, exterior, etc... :thumbsup:

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