FS: 900 16v and 5-speed 99 swap, 99 airflow kit.

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FS: 900 16v and 5-speed 99 swap, 99 airflow kit.

Postby Tsmall » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:43 am

Hey guys!

It's time for me to let some stuff go as I get ready for my big house purchase later this year. So, some projects and plans I have are going to be abondoned for the time being.

I purchased a 99 for parts about a year ago, I'm sure most of you know of it, it is an alabaster 99 with a 16v swap and factory fitted airflow bodykit.

Well the plan was to swap the kit and motor and trans into my alabaster 99, but I do not have the time or funds to see the project through.

The motor is a b202 supposedly from 1992, and the transmission is a 5 speed, both from the same vehicle. The story I was told is that both engine and trans have around 11,000 miles on them, but I cannot find any hard evidence of that. I have pulled the valve cover and everything is in very nice shape. Engine ran very well before it came out of the car. The engine and transmission are all ready to be put back in another 99, and would even be willing to sell the rest of the parts to complete the swap. Looking to sell engine and trans as a pair. Looking for around $400 or best offer. local pickup located in Concord MA

The airflow body kit is complete, but it is in rough shape. Has been repainted once, and re-riveted to the body many times as the body of the car rotted away... the left rear wheel arch has a crack and small piece missing, the rear splitter has a few cracks and appears to have a few extra holes drilled, and a cut-out cut for a trailer hitch.. but it looked nice when on the car when I got it. I will document all faults in body kit for any interested parties. Unfortunately i also don't have any pictures at this time of the body kit in its current state. But will upload later for all who are interested. Was hoping to get $600 for the body kit in its current condition, but due to imperfections and it's rarity I'm not sure how much it is really worth.. anyone who could shed some light would be greatly appreciated! Also would like this to be local pick-up. Because of the size of a few pieces and it's age and fragile nature I would rather not ship.

Thanks! Shoot me a pm if you have any questions or want some pictures before I upload them to the post!


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