Mid 70s V4 SS&R radiator and tank.

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Mid 70s V4 SS&R radiator and tank.

Postby tweek's Turbos » Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:24 pm

So I picked up an early 99 expansion tank. But now I need to move on to the radiator.

This is a pick from Woody's thread on the V4 pages. I think this is a slightly modified 96 radiator, the extra thinger on the top is for the coolant flow down from the gerry rigged 99 tank.

Does this look like an easy project for a good "radiator guy"? to modify a 99 radiator with the 96 end tanks and add the extra inlet? Or should I take a 96 radiator and have it re cored and just the new inlet added?


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