Experience w/ Hoosier R7s?

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Experience w/ Hoosier R7s?

Postby 99Super » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:21 am

Hey all!

I have 3 hillclimbs and a track day scheduled for Frank this year (+ AutoXs) and ordered a set of Hoosier R7s yesterday.
Anyone have any experience w/ these?
Frank has never had a set of brand new tires and am curious what to expect as far as grip, wear and suspension settings.
Hoosier has a handout on break-in and suspension setup, but it's more for the A7 than the R7.


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Re: Experience w/ Hoosier R7s?

Postby SeanKHotay » Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:53 pm

Aren't these the spec tire for Spec Miata?

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Re: Experience w/ Hoosier R7s?

Postby gmreider » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:49 am

The R 7 is really a track tire that needs some warm up , but staying working for 30 minutes or more. A 7 is more of a auto X tire that is predictable cold , but still gets better if a little warm. What I have seen at Track trials, is the A 6 or A7 gets too hot and squirmy and wears out quick.
An all round good tire for both is Toyo R888. Take a look at them. wear rating is 100 vs. 40 for the Hoosiers I have used 2 sets and they are dependable , just not record setting.


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